Sunday, 26 November 2006


Uh! Once again something dark for a change. Alright so by now everyone that comes here knows that i've got some serious mental problems. "hey why don't you drawn something nicer, flowers or pink bunnys?". Well to quote someone i've read, pink bunnys and flowers are just not cool, can't carry big guns, and can't beat the crap out of anyone... except maybe for that white Monty Python rabbit, now that's a fearsome critter, with tha teeetthhhhhhh....

Anyway, the journey goes on and our little guy is still trapped inside his own mind. The sludge and crappy bullshit from his good old XX nemesis piles up. But something is burning and pretty soon it just might blow up. Should he leave now or wait a bit more?


  1. Nakano5:41 am

    Hmmm... don't think you've got a mental problem, dude.
    Gigger has mental problems, yet he's rich like hell, lol!

    So... carry on your great artistic works! Positive and Negative powers shouldn't be treated like strangers when it comes to creative works.

    Just my 2 (euro) cents! ;)

  2. Que isto men? muito skill fiquei parvo. nao pares , desde que te via a fazer aliens no nono ano que sabia que n podias seguir matematica :D:D PEACE continua o bom trabalho