Friday, 11 January 2008

Beware ... vicious little gay dog.

Im not against animals, i actually admire every creature that populates this great planet. Except this guy, which in his case only polutes. Meet Samson, my sister's little Pincher. I not a dog guy also, they impose some respect to me, and im always afraid to be bitten. I guess its some sort of repressed childhood memory. Anyway this little critter imposes no respect, in fact he's a disgrace to the great family of canines. all he does his whole life is sit in his little pillow, sniff out some things, including himself, and bark for no aparent your's truly. I've never done anything that would hurt this guy... so far. In fact i made it clear when i met him: "I dont like you, and you dont like me, so lets just get out of each other's way". However he's got different plans. I dont think he realizes how low his condition of man's best friend has dropped. The little bugger wears diapers f'er crying out loud!

Samson... from now on we are and i.

"Sansao, nao te curto, e tu nao me curtes... e e assim que a coisa se vai passar ate ao resto dos nosso dias. Felizmente tenho mais dias que tu! HA!!!"