Thursday, 10 January 2008

Undisclosed material

Ok. Basic 3D meshes at the background, and fully rendered in Painter, tweaked and textured in everyone's favourite... Photoshop.

I don't think people realize how hard it is to have a dubious artistic life like the one i have. Let's expand on that: Im currently finishing my diploma on Communication Design. I feel that i was never that much gifted for that, but, since i don't believe in talent, its something that can eventually be learned. To be good at it, depends on the amount of time you are willing to sacrifice to learn and study it.

Now, the second part... working, fighting, striving to become a top illustrator/Concept Designer. You can't just doodle. You NEED to really KNOW how to draw and paint. Because there are people out there that can eat the stuff i do for breakfast and leave me eating dust before noon. That's how good i need to get. And i will too. :D just wait and see.

So what am i babbling about? well, i get pissed off when everyone desmisses concept art for it being too.. fantastic, unreal and whimsical. I don't like when people see a piece of concept art, and immediately connect it to some great sci-fi movie, like we just did a piece of fan-art. They are too quick to rate it for the subject they see in it, not the technique or the feelings that are portrayed.

Yes, i like to draw big robots, dragons, faeries and two headed men riding giant half turtle half bird beasts. Yes i like to draw and paint post apocaliptic environments and visions of near future. Be it bright of dark. All of this instead of flowers and fuzzy warm stuff. Why!? Because i can.

I'll just shut up for now. This is all bottled up frustration maybe. This piece didnt came out the way i expected. That's why im ranting in all directions. :D


" Sacrifica aquilo que mais amas, e seras livre!"

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