Saturday, 16 February 2008

Holier than Thou

Frustrating speedpaint. I was very close to trash it, but i kept on fighting it. Painting and drawing is a constant fight, against yourserlf, your doubts and lack of knowledge, skill or technique to portray what's is on your mind. I'm glad that i "think" i finished it. I might just be too tired. Anyway, tomorrow i'll look at it with a fresh pair of eyes, and maybe repost something. Painter and Photoshop, an excrutiating 5 hour experience.

"After discovering that one of her aids was pregnant with one of the palace guards, the sterile queen swiftly casts a public humiliation, in which the poor soul is sentenced to banishment. Amidst the crowd, a plot brews as some people are alredy tired of this tyrant."

I know, farfetched.


"A Rainha das maminhas ao leu" eis o que lhe chamo. Va la! Dem-me o desconto, sao 2 da manha!

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