Monday, 14 April 2008

Swahili Hippitty Hop

Some logos i did for my cousin's Rap gig. They're gonna be big some day not thanks to me! :D


  1. The world is waiting for yet another rap band.

  2. The world is waiting for alot of things. End of Famine, Peace, Love Understanding, Tolerance and Prosperity and so on. I don't know where constructive criticism ranks on that list.

  3. tiagovsky8:27 am

    ranks on the "stupid useless anti-positive-criticism" rank!

    Meu broder, tive a ouvir uma cena dos velhinhos FOM que me fez pensar... "epá... esta merda não era assim tão má" :D

    Deviamos experimentar um comeback, a pedido de muitas familias (e do "spider63"), don't ya think?

    From FOM's Guitarist and Belcher Monkey